The Parallel Society

At present Spain finds itself mired in an economic crisis that is unprecedented in its severity and dimensions. Unemployment hit a record level of 27% at the end of last year, and since 2008, when the economic crisis started, over 200.000 evictions have been executed. It is now the EU’s most polarized country, with over a fifth of its population living below poverty line.
The combination of unemployment, government cuts, and lack of resources is leaving hundreds of thousand outcast from society. This is the new reality for former middle class workers, used to steady jobs and good incomes, who today find themselves completely lost.
While the government tries to maintain it's international image and follows the austerity measures dictated of the European Central Bank and the IFM, the effects of high unemployment can easily be seen on the streets.
The southern regions which once flourished from a prosperous housing boom saw it rapidly decline and now the job prospects are even scarcer than in the rest of the country.  This project focuses on the effects of the current economic crisis on the former middle class.  It focuses on Murcia, the south-east part of Spain, a region that has one of the largest amount of new housing, but where building related jobs dropped, as much as a 52%, leaving many people out of work.

This work was made with the help of IdeasTap charity.

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