PUBG Mobile 3.0 Patch Notes: New Shadow Force Themed Mode, Gameplay Updates, More

KRAFTON has officially unveiled the PUBG Mobile 3.0 patch notes, revealing the latest additions and optimizations in the recent version update. The 3.0 patch update has finally rolled out via Google Play, Apple App Store, and all other sources, including the official PUBG Mobile website (APK links).

For the unversed, developers have brought new additions like Shadow Force-themed mode, Respawn Battle mechanic, Shadow Blade melee, and more. At the same time, WOW, Metro Royale, and Classic game modes have also undergone various updates after PUBG Mobile 3.0 patch.

Readers can check out the complete list of additions and updates in the PUBG Mobile 3.0 patch notes, given as follows:

  1. PUBG Mobile 3.0 Patch Notes – New Themed Mode, WOW Updates, Respawn Battle Mechanic, More

PUBG Mobile 3.0 Patch Notes – New Themed Mode, WOW Updates, Respawn Battle Mechanic, More

Key Updates

  1. New “Shadow Force” Themed Mode: Experience new powerful tactical items and the Respawn Battle on your way to chicken dinner!
  2. Metro Royale mega updates! New Arctic Base map, high-pressure air rifle, snowy weather, and more!
  3. WOW Updates: New Blade Ball gameplay and casual competitive mini-games. Experience a different kind of Battle Royale fun with friends now!
  4. Basic Experience Improvements: Enhanced basic controls and responsiveness provide a smoother gaming experience!

New Themed Mode: Shadow Force

PUBG Mobile 3.0 Patch Notes - New Themed Mode
PUBG Mobile 3.0 Patch Notes – New Themed Mode (Image via KRAFTON)

Available: 2024/1/8 at 2:00 (UTC+0)–2024/3/11 at 20:59 (UTC+0)

Supported Maps: Erangel, Livik and Sanhok

New Mechanic: Respawn Battle

  • A new respawn mechanic! Get an additional respawn chance within the first 8 minutes of the match! (Only available in Erangel)
  • Respawn Battle takes place on a separate island that is isolated from the outside by a Seclusion Zone. Defeated players who enter the battleground cannot voluntarily leave the Seclusion Zone. Otherwise, they will be eliminated immediately. Respawn Points will be activated periodically at random locations. Brave warriors who make it to a Respawn Point and interact with it within the time limit get to respawn and return to the match! A special Emergency Respawn item also appears randomly in Respawn Battle. Players that find this item can use it to immediately respawn and return to the battleground!
  • The Respawn Battle mechanic gives players an additional respawn chance, but they can only enter the battleground once!
    • When a player with a Respawn Card is first defeated, the respawn item will first be used to return the player to the battleground. If the player is defeated again during the match, they will enter a separate battleground for the Respawn Battle. Those who complete the mission can return to the battleground.
    • When a player without a Respawn Card is first defeated, they will be transported to the Respawn Battle battleground. Those who complete the respawn mission can return to the battleground! If the player is defeated again during the match, they can still respawn via Respawn Card if they have one, or by getting recalled by a teammate.
    • During the Respawn Battle, players can be directly recalled by a teammate at any time. But if they are defeated again after returning to the battleground, they will not be able to enter the Respawn Battle a second time.
  • Players in the Respawn Battle that don’t get recalled by teammates and get defeated will be immediately eliminated.

New Item: Shadow Blade

  • A brand new powerful melee weapon that is mainly found in the new themed buildings.
  • Slashes are imbued with a sword aura which can hit nearby enemies.
  • Use the Draw Slash skill to dash and approach, or distance yourself from enemies.
  • The passive Assault Blade skill triggers against shots fired from the front, and blocks them for a short time.

Portable Grappling Hook: Skytether Hook

  • Equip it to launch and propel yourself in a straight line to the target location.
  • Tap the skill button again to deploy a parachute to briefly glide in the air for enhanced maneuverability.

New Item: Proxy Scout

  • A new tactical item that creates a remote control Proxy Scout when thrown.
    • It has the same appearance as the user and can be used for reconnaissance and distraction.
    • It can perform basic character actions and can also use a Skytether Hook to quickly move around.
    • It cannot shoot or inflict damage in any other way, but when the Proxy Scout is eliminated or manually detonated, it can blow nearby enemies away.
  • After using the Proxy Scout, the user can control it at their original location, but cannot perform any other actions. Make sure the area is safe!

Urban Area Reformation

  • Shadow Invasion: Some buildings in Yasnaya Polyana, Prison, and Georgopol have been remade with an all new look and features.
    • For the majority of urban areas, some changes will be made to the appearance of a few buildings.
    • New Building Features: New ways to ascend and descend, advantageous shooting positions, new routes, new vertical and horizontal movement, and looting experience.
    • These buildings contain Supply Warehouses and Camo Doors. Discover and unlock them to get loads of supplies.

Exclusive February Gameplay

  • 2-Seat Bike: The 2-Seat Bike makes a return in the new version. It features an updated design and new features!
  • Loads of landmarks have been added to the map for players to create lasting memories with their friends and loved ones. There are also some love-themed Easter eggs hidden in the game. Stay tuned!

Metro Royale Updates

PUBG Mobile 3.0 Patch Notes - Metro Royale UpdatesPUBG Mobile 3.0 Patch Notes - Metro Royale Updates
PUBG Mobile 3.0 Patch Notes – Metro Royale Updates (Image via KRAFTON)

New Map: Arctic Base

The long-awaited new Metro Royale map has arrived. This 2km × 2km snow-covered battleground has an ever-changing environment that allows for a variety of strategies. Ambush your opponents using the mountains and trenches, swiftly flank them using vertical ziplines, or charge straight toward the military stronghold. Unleash your imagination in Arctic Base and may you return with great success!

New Mechanics: Partial map destruction, snowy weather, timed black password-locked door, vertical ziplines, Battleground Merchant resource trading mechanic, and more.

All-New Mechanics

  • New Item – Tactical Alarm Device: It can be deployed on the ground during a match to detect the positions of nearby enemies.
  • Added 3 new PvE enemies:
    • Arctic Commander emits an icy mist that slows down players.
    • Robo Ravager is accompanied by a pack of robotic dogs who share a hostility toward players. When any enemy in the group detects a player, an alarm will be triggered, and the entire group will track and attack the player.
    • Plated Tank has a chance of spawning in each match and carries valuable loot. Plated Tank has armor, which provides significant damage reduction against low-level shots. However, its armor can be shattered by using explosive shells. It can attack with a cannon and machine gun.
  • New TR-2A Air Gun: A firearm that launches steel balls using compressed air. It can be manually pressurized, and the higher the chamber pressure, the greater the damage inflicted. Additionally, it produces minimal noise when firing.
  • New Sellable Items: Top Secret Information, Military Circuit Board, Military Battery, Cobra ID Tag, and Steel Front ID Tag.
  • Items Removed from Black Market: M203 Grenade Launcher (Improved), M203 Grenade Launcher (Refined)
  • New Backpack Expansion Mechanic: Metro Cash can be used to expand the backpack capacity. Upgrading the Royale Pass also provides backpack expansion. Those who have permanent companions will receive an additional permanent backpack expansion.
  • Collectibles Cabinet Updates: Added Chapter 18 collectibles and special 2024 collectibles.
  • Talent Updates: Added new Stability, Dexterity, Protection, and Machine Gun Mastery talents. Adjusted the talent rules. Unlocking Tier IV talents no longer requires fully allocating points to prerequisite talents.
  • Fabled Equipment Updates:
    • New Special Traits: Extremity Armor, Tactical Sonar, Hollow Bullet, First Aid Set.
    • Adjusted the special trait from “Superior Durable Material” to Reduces the durability depletion speed by 40%.
  • New Honor Rewards: Chapter 18 Elite Avatar, Chapter 18 Hero Avatar Frame, and Chapter 18 Legendary Name Tag. These rewards can be claimed after reaching the corresponding Honor level.
  • Command Post Updates: Increased the maximum NPC Favorability Level to 20. Added corresponding rewards to be unlocked. Increased the daily limit for increasing NPC Favorability to 500.

World of Wonder Gameplay Updates

PUBG Mobile 3.0 Patch Notes - WOW UpdatesPUBG Mobile 3.0 Patch Notes - WOW Updates
PUBG Mobile 3.0 Patch Notes – WOW Updates (Image via KRAFTON)

Available: Releases with Version 3.0

WOW Feature Updates

  • Information Display: The number of players currently online will be shown on the trending tab, creation page, and cover of a Creator’s profile.
  • Creation Filter: Added filters for stats such as average playtime and creation rating.
  • Group Editing: Players who have participated in team editing will be displayed in the creation details and Creators can freely edit this.

New Gameplay Devices

  • Interactive Device: Display an interactive button when players are in range. The position of the interactive button can be adjusted in UI layout customization.
  • Virtual Projection Device: Casts virtual projections of corresponding characters and plays holograms of characters performing Emotes.
  • Blade Ball Device: Allow players to create Blade Balls and engage in Blade Ball gameplay.
  • Humanoid Enemy Spawn Device: Spawn different kinds of humanoid enemies.
  • Faction Device: Allow multiple teams to create a faction.

Gameplay Device Improvements

  • Skill Management Device: Displays icons and tips when selecting skills.
  • Outfit Management Device: Outfit selection now uses an icon grid.
  • Character Switch Device: When switching companions, you can now adjust its size. Companions will no longer be affected by player attacks.
  • Map Indicator Device: Allows specific text to be displayed on the map.
  • Match Ending Device: Added more win conditions to trigger.
  • Condition Checking Device: Adjusted a series of display variable calculations. Added “AND” and “OR” conditions for multiple-condition judgments.
  • Mission Tracking Device: Provides an option to hide tasks and supports tracking custom variables.
  • AI Spawn Device: The name has been changed to Fake Player Spawn Device. Players can now set the outfits for AI bots.
  • Round Management Device: Improved to allow resources from the previous round to be brought forward.
  • Timing Device: Improvements to the trigger source.
  • Gameplay Device: Set up specific player trigger options.
  • Special Effect Device: Added coin and searchlight effects. You can select the position for the effects to be displayed and change the colors of certain effects.

Game Parameter Settings

  • Highlights Feature
  • Added a start-of-match gameplay introduction feature. Players can use text with screenshots to introduce the gameplay.
  • PvE Enemy Customization: Preview model changes and color adjustments in real time.
  • New Parameter: Carry over supplies from the previous round.
  • Buff Customization: Added more buff parameters and trigger conditions when editing. It also supports editing additional buffs.

Editor Improvements

  • Object Interaction Device: Improvements to selecting multiple objects.
  • Buff Management Device: Can jump to the customization page for quicker editing.
  • Group Editing: Parameter changes are now independent for each player when group editing.
  • When editing an object a second time, initial position snapping has been added to prevent positional discrepancies caused by picking up and putting down objects.
  • When no more objects can be placed, the name of the object that can’t be placed will be shown.
  • The material-switching button stays after an object is interactized.
  • Added a switch to enable and disable effects when selecting objects. It can reduce the editing impact on multiple and large objects when selected.
  • Detectable Action Browser: Creators can browse and edit the actions and detectable actions of all gameplay devices in the match.
  • Interactive Object – Zipline: Lets players move around quickly.
  • Decorative & Building Objects – Stage Resources: Incorporates stage parts from previous music festivals or anniversary celebrations to complement the Virtual Projection Device.
  • Map Template: Added 2 new templates – Starry Stage and Blade Ball.

Beta Creation Gameplay Description

  • Blade Ball Solo Practice Room: A Blade Ball map where you can play alone. Successfully repel the Blade Ball to earn double EXP. Accumulate EXP to level up and unlock advanced skills. Practice your Blade Ball techniques and become familiar with the unlockable skills before playing matches.
  • Blade Ball 8-Player Free-for-All Score Match: An 8-player free-for-all Blade Ball match where players have unlimited respawns after being eliminated by the ball. Accumulate points by eliminating opponents within a 6-minute time limit and the player with the highest score wins. Additionally, defeating other players allows you to gain EXP, level up, and unlock advanced skills. The map saves player level data, allowing players to challenge and unlock higher-level skills.
  • Hot-Blooded Blade Ball: A game mode where players are divided into two teams of 6 players each, positioned at opposite ends of the volleyball arena. Players from both teams engage in Blade Ball battles, earning EXP, leveling up, and unlocking advanced skills by eliminating opponents. Additionally, players gain points by defeating opponents. The match is timed for 6 minutes, and the team with the highest score at the end of the time limit emerges as the winner.
  • Blade Ball Elimination Tournament: A competition where multiple teams participate in a Blade Ball tournament, and the last surviving player wins. The rules for unlocking skills based on EXP are the same as mentioned earlier.
  • Hot-Blooded Blade Ball (Random Skills): A game mode where players are divided into two teams of 6 players each, positioned at opposite ends of the volleyball arena. Players from both teams engage in Blade Ball battles, and at the start of the game, players will receive random skills.
  • Blade Ball Score Match (Random Skills): A match where players can respawn indefinitely after being eliminated by the ball. Players gain points by eliminating enemies. The match has a time limit of 6 minutes, and the player with the highest score wins. At the beginning of the match, players will receive random skills.
  • Blade Ball Elimination Tournament (Random Skills): A competition where multiple teams of players participate in a Blade Ball tournament, and the last surviving player wins. At the start of the match, players will receive random skills.
  • Ice Naval Map: A casual-competitive game mode that combines the original naval battle mechanics with the water freezing mechanics of the Snowball Blaster.
  • Freezing Tower Assault Arena: A mode that combines the existing tower assault arena gameplay with the Snowball Blaster’s ability of creating Snowpile Cover to seal windows shut.

General Updates & Improvements

Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Updates

New Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Attributes:

  • Shots can penetrate vests and bodies to damage multiple enemies in the bullet’s trajectory. Damage is reduced after going through an enemy.
  • Shots from bolt action sniper rifles reduce the durability of vests and helmets more.

Vehicle Improvements

  • Driving Experience Improvements: Drivers can apply bandages or use energy consumables to heal without interrupting their driving (Med Kits and First Aid Kits cannot be used).
  • Scooters have been added to Erangel, Miramar, and Livik.

Animation Improvements

  • Basic Movement Improvements: When a character performs certain actions that slow them down while running, the process of returning to full speed after completing the action is now more stable. Such actions include: firing, aiming down sights, peeking, reloading, and using consumables.
  • Climbing Animation Improvements:
    • Improved the animation transitions for climbing over.
    • The character can immediately respond to changes in direction when climbing over.
    • Added directional animation transitions when the character finishes climbing over.
  • Falling Animation Improvements: Improved the smoothness of characters falling from the edge of cover.
  • ADS Animation Improvements:
    • Improved the shadow overlay animation when aiming down sights.
    • Fixed the scope clipping issue when aiming down sights.
  • Action Response Improvements: Increased the speed and responsiveness of switching firearms, peeking, and other actions to reduce lag.

Basic Settings

Adjusted the location of the parachute-related options in the Settings. Now, all parachute-related options are placed together.

New 90 FPS Supported Devices

Added 90 fps support for the following devices: Vivo iQOO Neo 9 Pro, Nubia Redmagic 9, OnePlus-Aston, Tencent ROG Phone 7, Tencent ROG Phone 7 Pro

Other Improvements

  • Character Button Customization
    • Adjusted the window layout for switching ammo in Metro Royale from 2 columns of 4 + 2 to 2 columns of 3 + 3.
    • When placing the reload button near the upper edge of the screen, the window for switching ammo will adaptively expand downward in order to adjust the reload button to a higher position.
  • Vehicle Button Customization
    • Vehicles of the same category in the themed mode and WOW will be merged. There will only be 3 tabs: Tank, Land Vehicles, and Flying Vehicles.
    • Tap the small icons at the bottom of the Land Vehicles and Flying Vehicles tabs to view all vehicles in each category.
    • All vehicles under the Land Vehicles and Flying Vehicles tabs use the same button layout.
  • Chicken Dinner Results Page Improvements: Added a new victory moment UI and adjusted the exit match timer.
  • Highlights: After eliminating other players consecutively with the Shadow Blade, players can tap on the icon in the top right corner of the screen to watch the highlights.
  • Victory Dance: Added a Shadow Force-themed Victory Dance.
  • New Dragon’s Blessing (available for a limited time): Dragon’s Blessing will replace some air drops. The special Dragon’s Blessing air drop crates will appear on the ground with lightning. Apart from the regular air drop supplies, players can also obtain Dragon’s Gift from the Dragon’s Blessing air drop crate. Open them to get tokens.
  • System Improvements: The finishes and outfits used for background images in player profiles, rankings, and other pages can be customized in the Custom section of the Profile page.
  • Performance Improvements: Significantly reduced the time it takes from launching the game to entering the Lobby.

New Season: Cycle 6 Season 16

PUBG Mobile 3.0 Patch Notes - New SeasonPUBG Mobile 3.0 Patch Notes - New Season
PUBG Mobile 3.0 Patch Notes – New Season (Image via KRAFTON)

Available: 2024/1/14 at 2:00 (UTC+0)–2024/3/16 at 23:59 (UTC+0)

  • Reward Updates – New Legendary Items: C6S16 Glasses, C6S16 Set, C6S16 Mask, C6S16 Cover, C6S16 – M24.
  • Season Token Event Shop Update: C6S16 – Parachute
  • Improved Season Transition Score Setback: Players at Gold tier or below won’t be set back below their current tier for the next season.

Popularity Battle Event

Registration Period: 2024/1/11 at 00:00–2024/1/17 at 8:59 (UTC+0)

Battle Period: 2024/1/17 at 9:00–2024/2/16 at 9:00 (UTC+0)

  • Added Battle Level 9 Rewards: Colossal Dragon background image.
  • Adjusted the ending time for each round to 9:00 (UTC+0).
  • Improved the matchmaking of the Popularity Battle event.
  • Register to participate in the Popularity Battle event. During the battle period, get randomly matched with a powerful opponent every 3 days for a popularity contest. Lasts 10 rounds in total.
  • During the battle period, the Popularity of both competitors will be compared. The one with the highest Popularity wins. The winner can loot some points from the loser.
  • Participate in Popularity Battles to win Battle Points and increase Battle Level. The higher the Battle Level, the better the rewards.
  • During the event, Battle Level will be ranked across all participants on the server. The higher the rank, the better the rewards. Added Times Square Ranking rewards, where the virtual avatars of the winners and their partners will be showcased in all their glory on the giant screen in Times Square, New York. This achievement represents the seamless integration of the gaming world and real life, as the honorable moment is conveyed to the global gaming community.

Team Popularity Battle Event

Registration Period: 2024/2/15 at 00:00–2024/2/21 at 8:59 (UTC+0)

Battle Period: 2024/2/21 at 9:00–2024/3/8 at 9:30 (UTC+0)

  • Improved the team formation logic and recommended friend teams.
  • Improved how Popularity is displayed during battles.
  • Matchmaking: There will be a total of 8 rounds. Teams of similar strength will be matched every 2 days. Players within each team will be ranked by Popularity through 1v1 Popularity Battles.
  • Battle: Both sides will compete to see who can gain the most Popularity during this phase.
  • The total score will be determined by the win-loss record of each player on the team. In the event of a tie (2:2), the total Popularity of both teams will be compared.
  • The team with the higher total score will be declared the winner, and can loot Battle Points from the defeated team.
  • If all players within a team have the same score, they can jointly claim the level rewards and ranking rewards.
  • Teams that have registered can have their team leader create an exclusive Nickname Badge for the team, which serves as a symbol of the close bond between team members and gift recipients.
  • Nickname Badges support custom text and are unique.
  • Players can obtain a Nickname Badge by registering a team or by completing gift missions.

All-Talent Championship S17

Available: 2024/1/15 at 2:00 (UTC+0)–2024/2/29 at 23:59 (UTC+0)

  • New Event Shop Rewards: Melee Maiden Set (Epic), Extreme Cyberwear Cover (Legendary), Extreme Cyberwear Set (Legendary), Two Eggs – Pan (Epic)
  • New All-Talent Championship S17 Crate rewards: Melee Maiden Set (Epic), Extreme Cyberwear Cover (Legendary), Extreme Cyberwear Set (Legendary), Two Eggs – Pan (Epic), Lightning – SCAR-L (Epic), Square Parachute (Army Green) (Epic)
  • New First & Second Runner-Up Rewards: Armored Knight Set (Legendary), Armored Knight Headgear (Legendary), Scorching – Kar98K (Legendary), Extreme Racing Parachute (Epic), Stroll in the Dark Outfit (Epic)

Security & Game Environment Improvements

  1. Improved cheat detection for X-Ray vision, auto aim, AoE damage, shot tracking, speed hacks, high jump, modified resource files, and more.
  2. Improved violation detection for unfair cooperation, teaming up with cheaters, and more.
  3. Improved the in-game detection and countermeasures against account boosting, prohibited transactions, escorting, and other violations to better regulate in-game behavior and improve players’ gaming experience.
  4. Improved detection and penalties for inappropriate text and voice messages to better regulate in-game behavior.
  5. Improved account protection system. Added security verification, login protection, and abnormal login notification features in more regions to ensure the security of player accounts.